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Uncle Jimmy’s was conceptualised in early April 2018 by Jonathan Goh and Vivian Ong. They were first influenced by all the Korean and Japanese specialty startups sprouting around the country and saw the need to revive Singapore’s very own rich culinary history.

Inspired by homemade Peranakan or Straits Chinese recipes redefined over the years by Jonathan’s aunties and uncles like uncle Jimmy himself, Uncle Jimmy’s will take you down memory lane with the sweet sense of familiarity while tantalising your taste buds with rich local flavours we are so accustomed to and have all come to love.

For the founders, Uncle Jimmy’s is about cherishing and reliving family moments over and over again.


Create an awareness and a renewed appreciation of Singapore cultures and cuisines.


To become a popular homegrown brand in Singapore and abroad.



One of the main dishes at Uncle Jimmy’s many family gatherings, this Peranakan rendition of a popular Singaporean dish will bring the rich flavours of shrimp and coconut to your taste buds while transporting you back to the good ol’ days.

Hae Bee Hiam

Combining sweet with spicy, be it in a sandwich or pulut panggang, this prawn-based flavoured delicacy is one of our favourite childhood flavours for generations.

Gula Melaka

Drawing from the unique sugar derived from the coconut palm tree, the gula melaka chips bring forth the delightfully sweet and surprisingly nutty flavours that will leave you wanting for more.

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PRICES (per packet):
Laksa - $5.90
Hae Bee Hiam - $5.90
Gula Melaka - $4.90

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